Boating Activities

Here are a few photos from some of our past boating activities. From a 1966 rendezvous on the delta to an Opening Day on the River decorated boat parade and cardboard boat races. To see a larger view of the picture, click on it, and it will open in a new window. Close that window to return here.
This is from a rendezvous on Little Prospect Island, August 20-22, 1966.
This is a 1968 Brannan Island Rendezvous.
A clamming trip to Bodega Bay and the preparation of the delicious clam chowder and taglarini made from fresh clams and enjoyed by all.
Upper left – Leaving for the clam beds aboard members' boats, from Lawson's Landing
Upper right – Members digging clams
Lower left – Showing a good sized horse neck (gaper) clam
Lower right – Everyone helps clean the clams for the chowder and taglarini
Safe Boating Week on Folsom Lake, June 1995, setting off distress signal for "man overboard drill".
Opening Day on the River in 1993. Sacramento Yacht Club Opening Day Parade, May 1993, The Megami became a steam boat complete with smoke stacks and black balloons and streamers to simulate smoke. To promote Sacramento Power Squadron.
A day on the Bay. Sacramento Power Squadron outing on the tall ship Californian , June 1995 on San Francisco Bay. Loading cannons for mock battle, with the tall ship Hawaiian Chieftain
The cardboard boat races held at the D/25 rendezvous in Rio Vista in 2005. The cardboard boat Gemini complete with oars and oarlocks. "El Cheapo Enterprises" designed the boat. It won first prize for best design. It also won first award for the "two person crew" race.

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