Contact Us:

You can use the following to contact the Squadron or Bridge members for information .
Sacramento Power Squadron Sacramento Power Squadron
P.O. Box 13081
Sacramento, CA 95813
via Voice Mail: 916-492-5566
via email

The Squadron Educational Officer P/C James Scaccia, AP
1446 Spring Valley Drive
Roseville, CA 95661-7333
via Home Phone: 916-782-1240
via Voice Mail: 916-782-1240
via email

The Commander Cdr Jennifer Andronas via Home Phone: 916-337-4937
via email

The Treasurer Lt/C Seth Hust via Home Phone: 916-728-5708

Boat Show Co-Chairman TBD

VSC Chairman P/C Russ Kaiser, P via Cell Phone: 916-801-2818
via email

The Executive Officer Lt/C Judy Hust via Home Phone: 916-728-5708
via email

Boat Show Chairman TBD

The Administrative Officer TBD

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