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USNO Logo Almanac Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac
This page enables you to get many kinds of astronomical data, including celestial coordinates, sidereal time, lunar and planetary configurations and aspects, and rise/set times. A knowledge of general astronomy terms and concepts is assumed.
USCG Nav Center logo Notice to Mariners Get the latest Notices to Mariners
A link to the latest notices to mariners. Sacramento and the Bay area are in district 11.
  Admiralty Law Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide
Includes over 1500 annotated links to admiralty law resources on the internet.
NOAA logo Offshore Buoy data NOAA offshore buoy data
This link is to the Southern West Coast buoys. San Francisco is station 46026 and Monterey is station 46042.
  Virtual VSC Virtual Vessel Safety Check (VSC)
Get a virtual VSC to see if you have everything in order before you call for an official safety check.
NOAA chart picture NOAA Charts Online NOAA raster charts are now viewable online.
The complete catalog of more than 1,000 NOAA raster charts can now be viewed online using a standard Internet browser - no special software required.
  Animated Knots Animated Knots
A clever site with animation to show how various knots are tied.
DBW ABC's cover ABC's of CA Laws ABC's of the California Boating Law
Use this link to get an online copy of the latest version of the Department Of Boating and Waterways "ABCs of the California Boating Law". It has information on both National laws and California specific laws.
  Thomas Marine Prop Thomas Marine Propeller
Utilizes the Prop Scan system to ensure PRECISION REPAIR - TUNING - SALES - and SPECIFICATION of Marine Propellers. The system allows them to specify the correct new propeller for your boat, or to evaluate the propellers you have now and repair them.
  Distance Computer Compute Distance between 2 pts given Lat/Long
This site allows you to calculate the true bearing and distance between two points given the Lat/Long of each point.
weather service logo Sacramento Weather Sacramento Weather
NOAA Weather Service - Sacramento weather site.
USGS Water Data USGS real time water data website
USGS real time water data site. Get stream flows; lake and reservoir level tables; precipitation; etc.
NOAA Weather Service CA-NV River Forecast California-Nevada River Forecast Center
The CNRFC is one of 13 National Weather Service River Forecast Centers in the United States. The CNRFC has hydrologic forecast responsibility for CA, most of NV, and a portion of Southern Oregon.
NSBClogo NSBC National Safe Boating Council
The National Safe Boating Council, Inc. was organized in 1958 under the name National Safe Boating Committee. The NSBC presently has a membership of over 350 U.S. and Canadian organizations, all with an interest in boating safety and education.
USPS Logo USPS® United States Power Squadrons®
The United States Power Squadrons consist of 450 squadrons and 60,000 members.
DBW Logo California DBW California Department of Boating and Waterways
California is blessed with some of the most beautiful recreational boating resources in the world. The California Department of Boating and Waterways plays an important role in stewarding this resource for millions of residents and visitors.
USCGAux Logo USCGAux United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
USPS works in partnership with USCGAux to provide Vessel Safety Checks to boaters.
  D/25 United States Power Squadrons®-District 25
District 25 is one of 32 districts in the national organization. It covers the Bay area. Sacramento Power Squadron is the 8th squadron in the district.
  Hypothermia How cold is cold?
Spring boating and cold water go together. Learn something about the effects of cold water on a person.
  Star Charts Color or black and white printable star charts
Get star charts for any time and location. Select the objects and labeling you want the chart to have.
NASBLA logo NASBLA National Assoc of State Boating Law Administrators
NASBLA is the professional association representing the recreational boating authorities of all 50 states and the U.S. territories.
quagga mussel pic Dept Fish & Game CA Department of Fish and Game - Invasive Species
Informational site on invasive species threatening California waters. There are numerious links, photos, Frequently Asked Questions, Fact sheets, Maps, and videos. See how K-9s are being trained to sniff them out.
  DML Digital Media Library
Link to USPS Digital Media Library - The official showcase and repository for multiple formats of digital media focused on boating safety and safe boating education.

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